Prof Dan Kgwadi

Message from

the vice-chancellor

Dear alumnus,


Earlier this month, I attended a graduation ceremony of the NWU in Durban. Most of these open distance learning graduates never set foot on one of our three campuses while studying for their degrees or diplomas. But today they are alumni of the NWU.


I wish to welcome these and other new alumni of the North-West University. You are now part and parcel of the growing NWU family.


The NWU today has more than 70 000 students, making us the second-largest university in South Africa. Annually we have some 50 graduation ceremonies all over the country and abroad.


This means that our influence as a university expands by the day. We are also at the forefront of the expansion of access to higher education via a variety of technology-enabled modes of delivery.


The fact is that South Africa needs more graduates, who cannot be delivered by residential universities alone. Cheaper, more accessible modes of delivery are needed, which is exactly what we are doing successfully.

One consequence is the growing diversity of students who study through the NWU. This I welcome as we have become a South African university with a footprint all over the country and in all communities.


“This ongoing development ties in with our commitment to continue building the NWU as a unitary institution of superior academic excellence, with a commitment to social justice.”

Notwithstanding problems we have experienced during the past months, it is going well with the university as a whole.


We are keeping our eyes on the ball, namely our core business of teaching-learning, research and community engagement.


I can confidently add that:


  • We remain one of the country’s best-run institutions of higher learning.


  • Our staff, students and alumni continue to excel at various levels of academia and in the professional world.


  • We are proud of our diverse staff and student population and wish to contribute meaningfully to nation building.


  • We strive to promote social justice in various ways, inter alia by promoting a culture of human rights and non-racism on campuses, and removing barriers to access.


  • We continue to provide an important opportunity – a springboard for thousands of students annually to fulfil their potential.


Kind regards,

Prof Dan Kgwadi




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