Musa Zanempi, brand specialist at the NWU’s Institutional Office says the newly launched NWUtv is a wonderful platform for all stakeholders of the university. NWUtv can be accessed on YouTube.

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If you love watching movies and television programmes or are addicted to video-hopping on YouTube, the new NWU YouTube channel will soon have you hooked.

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The NWUtv channel currently features videos that focus mainly on the NWU’s community engagement projects and research projects.

Launched at the beginning of April, NWUtv tells the NWU story – what we do and achieve, and how we help to change lives and make a difference in communities.


We asked Musa Zanempi, brand specialist at the NWU’s Institutional Office, to tell us more about it.


Q: Why did the university create this video-sharing channel?

A: In a country where fast internet is widely accessible, YouTube is a very handy tool for communication with stakeholders, for instance our alumni.


NWUtv showcases our achievements, community engagement, research and innovation projects, and good-news stories. We also believe it will be an effective instrument for Prof Dan Kgwadi, the vice-chancellor, to communicate important information about the NWU’s new strategic direction and operating model.


Another purpose of the channel is to bring all the stakeholders of the university closer together, thereby enhancing unity.


Q: Who does the NWU hope to reach via NWUtv?

A: All our stakeholders, including external audiences such as alumni, businesses, donors, government and prospective students.


Q: What content is currently available on the NWUtv channel?

A: We currently have videos that focus mainly on community engagement. These are exciting, informative videos that give a very good overview of some of the community engagement projects that the NWU is involved in.  The content will be updated regularly.


Q: What makes NWUtv an exciting channel to use?

A: There is so much that can be done on it. We are only starting to explore all the possibilities; we are also looking at the prospects of launching digital campaigns on the channel in future. The NWU has a good story to tell and NWUtv is a good medium to tell it with. I encourage everyone to subscribe to the channel and look out for new content that will be published regularly.


Q: Why should the NWU’s stakeholders embrace this new digital channel?

A: It is just the beginning of something bigger that has the potential to enhance and showcase the NWU brand; a brand that all alumni can be proud of.



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