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Keeping our eyes

on the ball

Dear alumni

As you know by now, the NWU finds itself in the middle of changing circumstances – both externally and internally.


An example of the external circumstances impacting the university is the recent challenges faced by higher education in South Africa. Reports about student unrest, burning buildings on campuses and the call for no increase in tuition fees – and even for fee-free education – have abounded in the media.


These events have not left the NWU unscathed. We had our share of protesting students, and were even confronted by a devastating act of arson on the Mafikeng Campus.


Facing our finances


We have also borne the brunt of these events on the financial front. In the article “Balancing the NWU’s books” you can read how we had to revise our budget to make up for the fees shortfall caused by the Fees Must Fall campaign and the resultant 0% increase in tuition fees.


Internally things are also in flux, as we are in the process of changing our operating model to better suit our new strategic direction.


The business schools on the Potchefstroom Campus and the Mafikeng Campus have already merged to form the NWU School of Business and Governance and soon the 15 NWU faculties will be consolidated into only eight faculties.


Watching the ball


In the midst of all these external and internal challenges and changes, it is now – more than ever before – necessary to keep our eyes on the ball. Our core business, teaching-learning and research, still remain at the heart of what we do. In fact, the article on the Institutional Teaching Excellence (ITEA) Awards demonstrates our commitment to excellence.


Keeping our eye on the ball also means focusing on our students. In this edition you can read how we go out of our way to support our first-year students and guide them to eventually become well-rounded, highly employable graduates. (Article: “First aid for first years”)


You can rest assured: the winds of change may ruffle our feathers, but they won’t distract us from keeping our eyes on the NWU ball.


Happy reading,

The NWU & U team


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