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The NWU is giving learners who need it a second chance to realise their career dreams by improving their marks in key school subjects.


We do this through a techno-blended support programme our Engineering and Education faculties established at the MASCCOM Training Centre situated next to our campus in Mahikeng. MASCCOM stands for MAthematics, SCience and COMmerce.


The programme improves the learners’ achievements in mathematics and the sciences, which are essential subjects when enrolling for a career in the so-called STEAM fields of science, technology, engineering, art (design, problem-solving) and mathematics.


Sponsored by the Nedbank Eyethu Community Trust, the two faculties have been collaborating with the North West Department of Basic Education and Nelson Mandela University’s Govan Mbeki Mathematics Development Centre (GMMDC) to establish this pilot programme.


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Getting a second chance to succeed

Listen to Prof Hercules Nieuwoudt, manager of our SETH Academy, explaining how the NWU prepares learners for the future and empowers them to become greater.


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