Academics excited about being on the receiving end of

Students of the NWU are not the only ones benefiting from online learning.

NWU academics wanting to improve their teaching skills are taking advantage of the world-class Epigeum courses available to the university’s lecturers and, judging by the feedback from several academics who have participated, the courses are highly recommended.

The Centre for Teaching and Learning (CTL) has been offering multiple online courses developed by Epigeum since 2020. The partnership between CTL and Epigeum began when some CTL staff members travelled to the United Kingdom in 2018 to assist with the development of the University Teaching: Core Skills course.

We asked a few lecturers who have already completed some of the courses to give feedback on how they experienced the courses. Click on each image to read more.

The following courses are available for lecturers to complete:

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  • University Teaching: Core Skills

    This course deals with topics related to teaching at a university, such as assessment, student engagement, teaching strategies and more.

    (available via eFundi)


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  • Blended Learning

    This course gives a broad overview of blended learning by highlighting information on best practices from academics all over the world, as well as information on how lecturers can implement blended learning into their own modules.


    (available via the Epigeum website)



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  • Teaching Online: Next Steps in Design and Development

    With the move to emergency remote teaching and learning, many lecturers had to adapt their teaching methods. This course provides steps on how lecturers can effectively teach online.


    (available via the Epigeum website)



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