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Questionnaire helps with wise career choices

Our children have to make defining decisions at a very young age – decisions that will shape the rest of their lives. Perhaps some of the most important of these are choosing school subjects, tertiary education studies and a future career.

Helping young people to take the first step on this path of choices, the NWU’s Marketing and Student Recruitment department has developed an online questionnaire and feedback report for Grade 8 to 12 learners.


The questionnaire, which learners can complete free of charge, gathers information about activities that they find interesting and in which they perform well.


Almost immediately after completing the questionnaire, the learners receive an individual online report on careers and tertiary courses that relate to their interests and capabilities.“It is important to note that this questionnaire is only a first step in the process of considering a future career and is not meant to replace professional career guidance,” says Piet Steyn, the manager for undergraduate student recruitment.


The questionnaire is also linked to the life orientation syllabus used in schools. In Grade 9 and Grade 11, attention is specifically paid to subject and career choices and learners also have to complete assignments on this topic. Many of the questions asked in the assignments are answered in the report that learners receive after completing the NWU questionnaire.




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