Fast facts about donors


  • These are the Council-approved criteria for recognition as a donor:


  • You have to have donated a minimum of R50 000 per year in the preceding two years or R100 000 in one of those years.
  • In the case of bequests, you have to bequeath a minimum of R500 000 per year in the preceding two years, or R1 million in one of those years.


  • The NWU’s registrar keeps an official list of the NWU donors recognised by Council. In accordance with the stipulations of the NWU Statute, the donors establish the Board of Donors.
  • The Board of Donors elects a chairperson from among its members, and the registrar acts as the board’s secretary.
  • The Board of Donors elects three persons who are not employees of the university to represent the donors on the NWU Council.
  • The Board of Donors may offer advice to the vice-chancellor or the Council on matters of interest to the university or the donors, at their own initiative or on invitation.



Their support keeps the wheels turning

Gone are the days when a university could rely solely on state subsidies and tuition fees to prosper. No, these days they bank on their donors to ensure that higher education not only survives, but thrives.

The members of the newly elected Board of Donors are from left Festus Mphomane, Werner Human, Tommie Chambers, Johan Bezuidenhout and At van Rooy.

The NWU is no exception and that is why our donors are such a highly valued stakeholder group. To show our appreciation, the university held a thank-you dinner for the past three years’ donors on 8 March 2018.


This dinner coincided with the triennial general meeting of NWU donors, during which a new Board of Donors was established. The members are At van Rooy from Kisch IP, Festus Mphomane from PPS Foundation and Academy, Johan Bezuidenhout from Noordwes Koöperasie (NWK), Werner Human from the Trust vir Afrikaanse Onderwys and Tommie Chambers from Siemens Ltd (Simatic).


The previous board was established in 2010 and was re-elected for a further term in 2013.




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