During these open days for undergraduate students, young people and their parents can obtain important information at departments such as Bursaries and Loans and the Admissions Office.

Information stalls have exhibitions portraying the activities of the various residences, cultural societies and academic schools, centres and facilities.


Open days open up possibilities

The campus is alive with thousands of feet exploring the footpaths scattered with autumn leaves. Excited young voices fill the cool air with conversations in several South African languages, while shining eyes eagerly soak up the surrounding campus gardens and buildings.

This is a scene from an open day at the North-West University. These open days offer a golden opportunity for would-be students and their parents to learn more about the different fields of study, the admission requirements, finances, student accommodation and support services available to assist students.


In addition to the open days for undergraduate students, we also have separate open days for postgraduate students.


Undergraduate open days are in May


The open days for prospective undergraduate students are held in May every year on every NWU campus.


Although the programmes for the day may differ slightly, they usually include a mass meeting where the rector welcomes the students and parents and tells them more about the NWU and the specific campus. This is followed by information sessions at the different faculties and opportunities to meet with the house committees and house parents of the residences.


Postgraduates visit in August


The open days for postgraduate students are held on the same day in August throughout the NWU – this year’s were on 13 August.


Once again, the programmes on the various campuses may differ somewhat, but if you are a prospective postgraduate student, this is more or less what you will be able to do on this day:


  • Visit a faculty for your field of study
  • Get a quote on your intended field of study
  • Apply immediately to register (with personal help or online)
  • Apply for a bursary and find out about National Research Foundation  (NRF) assistance
  • Visit the campus library, in particular the facilities for postgraduate students


International students can also speak with our international offices.



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