Miniature military

men require

maximum precision

Depending on the level of intricacy and detail in a figurine, Jako spends about a week constructing one of these tiny military men.

It’s as if you can hear the proud commander, armed to the teeth and with an intimidating snarl on his face, calling his men to arms. He points to the battlefield in a threatening manner, even though he stands no taller than a R5 coin.


This minute but uncannily lifelike commander is one of many models built with painstaking precision by Jako Kuhne, graphic designer at the Department of Corporate Relations and Marketing.


When twilight falls and the average household zones out in front of the television, Jako unleashes his creativity by building miniature science fiction war figurines in incredible detail.


How it all comes to ‘life’


Applying a special type of glue, he carefully arranges miniscule body parts, armour, masks, cloaks and ammunition that would give any sci-fi fan goose bumps. His best friends in this process are his tweezers and magnifying glass.


Jako explains that when he is satisfied with his soldier and the glue holding it together has dried, it is time to paint. Using a tiny brush and military precision, he pays special attention to the detail that would make any soldier proud.


He adds the proverbial cherry to the cake by building scenery for his models, using everyday objects such as the sillica tubs (containing drying agent) found in medicine containers. Pieces of plastic are converted into steel poles for a fence, complete with thin copper wire which Jako fashions into dangerous-looking barbed wire. A pinch of salt adds the finishing touch, making excellent sand when painted brown.


Lost in a fantasy world


When he is not crafting his tiny armies or putting his handyman skills to good use around the house with his fiancé, Roelien, Jako enjoys getting lost in the fictional worlds created by authors such as Terry Pratchet, Stephen King and the like.


It seems that whatever Jako turns his creative hands to do, he excels at, proving Maya Angelou correct in saying: “You can’t use up creativity. The more you use it, the more you have.”


Jako pays special attention to detail, for instance the weapons these minute warriors use.