Eric and Salome More will celebrate their 32nd wedding anniversary this year. The couple has been blessed with three beautiful daughters, one son-in-law and two grandsons. 


Celebrating 32 blissful years


This is the love story of Eric and Salome More.


We met in 1984 in the dining hall of the then Motlatlane residence. The minute I saw her, I instantly knew that she was going to be the person I would spend the rest of my life with and the mother of my children. I was right.


I was in my penultimate year of a BSc degree in education and my (future) wife, Salome, was in the first year of her degree in social sciences. She was part of the first graduating class of the Faculty of Humanities at the former University of North West.


We started dating in about March 1984. I waited for her to finish her studies and thereafter she made me the happiest man alive by agreeing to marry me in 1989.


I will be forever grateful to the NWU, not only for my education, but also for the opportunity to meet the love of my life, my companion and my better half.


Finding true love at the NWU – here are our winners

A quick glance from him in the cafeteria, a shy smile from her as their eyes meet in the library… yes, these are the telltale signs of young love blossoming on our NWU campuses.

We recently asked you, our alumni, to share your most enchanting NWU love stories from the past with us, and you did. All alumni who participated in our campaign to celebrate February as the month of love deserve to be winners, as we know how much hard work, forgiveness and perseverance it takes to keep the flame of love alive.


We salute you for your commitment to each other, and also for walking this road with the NWU throughout the years.


Of the stories we received, the touching tales of two couples stole our hearts and we surprised these winners with gift packs. We gladly share their stories on this page (see text boxes).

 After 60 years of marriage, Mari and Willem Grobler are clearly still in love. Mari studied BA Languages at the former Potchefstroom University of Christian Higher Education, and Willem BCom and MBA. Before they retired, Mari was a high school English teacher, while Willem held various positions in the dairy industry (Clover SA), including financial manager and accountant. 

Still special after 60 years


I am Willem Grobler and my wife’s name is Mari. If I could have my life over, I would have asked her to marry me even earlier.


One day, after a stroll underneath the huge oak trees, I asked the Big Question. Only back at the hostel’s front door did she say “yes” before disappearing into the safety of the residence.


This is how I won the “Gold Rush” on 10 March 1957. During the next two years, we often wandered hand-in-hand along the streets on and around the campus, her dainty hand in mine or my arm around her shoulders.


On Sunday evenings during the cold winter months, we exchanged the asbestos benches for listening to music in the Totius Hall. The main building steps also came in handy during our visits.


We now have two married children and three grandchildren and on 4 April 2021, we celebrated our 60th wedding anniversary.


Watch this video featuring all the couples and their heart-warming stories.




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Willem and Mari Grobler on their wedding day, sixty years ago.

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