Our mascot, Eagi, represents the brand attributes of a unitary NWU.


The eagle has a positive meaning across many cultures. It represents much-admired traits that perfectly match the NWU’s strategy and objectives. These include success, aspiration, courage, expansion, renewed life, leadership and freedom.


Eagi symbolises our commitment to approaching life creatively and soaring above the rest. He reflects our talent for finding new opportunities to excel and continuously improve.


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Eagi, our NWU mascot, is on top of everything that happens at the NWU and is eager to share it all with you. So, without further ado, let’s go to our newsroom, where Eagi will give you a bird's eye view of the NWU.

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NWU Student Life and School of Nursing celebrate

International Nurses and Midwives Day is celebrated annually on 12 May, and this year the NWU paid tribute to all nurses for the key role they play in society, and especially during the Covid-19 pandemic.


The Student Life department on the Mahikeng Campus celebrated the day by reaching out to the nurses at the Health Centre, while lecturers from the School of Nursing held a silent vigil in Lovers’ Lane on the Potchefstroom Campus.


Principals in Northern Cape to benefit from unique diploma

The Faculty of Education was selected as the preferred provider for presenting a unique Advanced Diploma in Education to school leaders in the Northern Cape.


The diploma, which focuses on education leadership and management, is a newly registered qualification that is being presented for the first time. It was developed nationally and is a professional and entry-level qualification for principals, as envisaged in the South African Standard for Principalship.





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Nominate the cream of the crop of NWU alumni

The NWU will again celebrate the remarkable achievements of its outstanding alumni during the seventh biennial Alumni Excellence Awards ceremony, which is set to take place in October this year.


It is the ideal opportunity for alumni, staff and all stakeholders to nominate deserving alumni from all walks of life for these awards. Nominations should be submitted speedily, however, as time is running out and submissions close on 10 June.


Psychosocial management of depression among adolescents

Dr Precious Chibuike Chukwuere, a postdoctoral candidate at the School of Nursing, has developed and validated a conceptual framework for the psychosocial management of depression in adolescents in the North West Province.


His doctoral study revealed that the province has no follow-up programmes for adolescents discharged after being diagnosed with depression. “There is a need for heads of health establishments to put measures in place for follow-up care to speed up their recovery,” he says.


New discovery lands NWU researcher a spot in top science publication

When magnetic fields and long strokes of hot gas known as jets interact, the jets bend. This is an important discovery and, for his contribution to it, Prof James O Chibueze has earned a space in the prestigious research publication Nature.


An associate professor at the Centre for Space Research, James is the lead author of the paper, “Jets from MRC 0600-399 bent by magnetic fields in the cluster Abell 3376”.


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