Bert Sorgdrager

Message from the president

of the NWU Convocation

Dear alumni


We can be proud of the way the alumni, students and staff of the North-West University have stood together to ensure that, in spite of a pandemic and many challenges, this institution is still going from strength to strength.


You know the foundations are solid when your alma mater can still successfully complete an academic year and continue to provide world-class education to its current students.


The NWU lives up to its promises and is on its way towards fulfilling its dream of being an internationally acknowledged institution that cultivates true global citizens able to compete in the world economy.


It is a feather in our cap to once again receive recognition through our placement by the Center for World University Rankings (CWUR) in their ranking for 2021/2022, which was published on 26 April. The NWU is in the top 4,7% of the universities on their list, and we are also seventh in the national rankings.


On a practical note


The new Policy on Alumni Relations has been approved and is now available. This is an easy and user-friendly policy and guide to ensure that our alumni are still committed to the NWU.


There might be many things on which we may differ, but we can all agree that we are the torch bearers who have to ensure that those who come after us will also reap the fruits of a quality education at the NWU.


The Covid-19 pandemic has sometimes tripped us up, but we remain hopeful that there will continually be new, innovative plans to ensure that we will still be able to complete our task. The triennial meeting of the NWU Convocation, which should have been held in March, will take place in the second semester – subject to any Covid-19-related developments – and we will keep our members up to date on all dates and arrangements.


Any alumnus has the right to become a member of the Convocation by paying a once-off amount of R50.  There is still time to make sure your vote counts at our next meeting. Contact nicolize.vanderwalt@nwu.ac.za for more information.


Alumni shine again


The time to nominate excellent alumni for the NWU’s biennial alumni awards for excellence is here again.


Click here to read more about the different categories and how the nomination process works. In October this year the red carpet will once more be rolled out for the winners.


It is good to see how well our students and alumni are performing and how our staff are being acknowledged in the academic sphere, and to know that our staff are doing much more than walking the extra mile. Everything starts here … but for us as alumni it does not stop there – we would like to take hands with the NWU as the cornerstone of our success.




Bert Sorgdrager
President of the NWU Convocation




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