Congratulating the first-year students on taking up their places at the university, Prof Dan Kgwadi, vice-chancellor, mentioned that the NWU had received over 52 000 applications for 2019 and easily met the 9 402 target.

The venues on all three campuses were filled to capacity with parents and students starting this new chapter in their lives.



The first years’ reception on the campus in Potchefstroom was held on 12 January, in Mahikeng on 19 January and on the campus in Vanderbijlpark on 2 February.


Eagi, our NWU mascot, was there to welcome them.


Welcome first years, make yourselves at home

The first years of 2019 have received a hearty welcome from the NWU, along with some solid advice on how to make the most of their university experience.


This includes information on the great student life, extra mural activities and being aware that the NWU does not tolerate “language chauvinism” and disruptive actions.

“Because of our commitment to the safety of your children, we have a zero tolerance for unbecoming behaviour,” Prof Dan Kgwadi, vice-chancellor, told parents attending the recent welcome events for first years.


“Should a student go against the rules of the university, the necessary steps in terms of the university’s policies and rules will be taken. The NWU is a community of civil, peace-loving and intelligent people, who can engage and debate without using force.”


Think before you speak


Prof Dan urged parents and students to be aware that the university is not a homogenous language institution, but one that embraces diversity and functional multilingualism. He emphasised that the university has no room for language chauvinists, meaning people who use language to the exclusion of others.


What a memorable day


Student representatives played their part at the events. Leo Maphosa, who is the chairperson of both the NWU Student Representative Council and the Mahikeng Student Campus Council (SCC), Lwazi Nene, Vanderbijlpark SCC chairperson and Dalena d'Assonville, Potchefstroom SCC chairperson, gave the students tips on how to make the most of their time at university.


The three deputy vice-chancellors for campus operations, Prof Linda du Plessis (Vanderbijlpark), Prof Daryl Balia (Potchefstroom) and Prof Marilyn Setlalentoa (Mahikeng) also addressed the attendees at their campuses, making the day even more memorable for the students and their parents.




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First-year students visited the faculties where they met the academic and support staff to ensure a smooth transition from school to university.

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