Microwave-meal addicts now happily slave away over a hot stove, stirring up a culinary storm. Home-baked bread has become the order of the day, and comfort food is on the menu.


As for those who were maestros before the lockdown … well, they just became even better.


With all this in mind, Prof Sonia Swanepoel, executive dean of the Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences, and Esmé Labuschagne, the faculty’s senior administrative officer, decided to collect new or old recipes that staff members from the faculty had tried out during the lockdown period.


The aim was to lift people’s spirits and allow them to focus on the positive things in life. Since most people were home all day, this project aimed to motivate staff members to look beyond their circumstances.



Apparently, it took a pandemic for some of us to discover our inner chefs. After four months of lockdown, cooking has become ‘child’s play and adult joy’ for many.

chicken soup for the soul

 Click on each photo to see who submitted which recipe and, in some cases, also what motivated them to start cooking. All the submitted recipes have been compiled into a book that will be made available early in August.

Garnish with a sprinkle of soul

Click on the image on the right  for some of the recipes tried and tested during the  lockdown – recipes that add “soul” to everyday life.

“A recipe has no soul; you as the cook, must bring soul to the recipe,” says American chef, restaurateur, and cookbook writer Thomas Keller.