Let your words be a

to yourself and others

Fear and anxiety might be some of the more uncomfortable emotions we have felt since the national lockdown started. Writing about them can be a healing experience.

A writing project based on an ethic of care is just what the doctor ordered in these difficult times. This is why the Global Innovative Forefront Talent (GIFT) research niche area in the Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences is inviting all staff members to write down their thoughts and experiences, which will then be published in a book.


Healing in the dead of winter


Prof Anna-Marie Pelser, who heads the GIFT entity, initiated this project after going through a very traumatic personal event.


“My mother passed away during the lockdown period and I had to arrange everything online,” she says. This was very painful, but the support Anna-Marie received from her husband and daughter helped her through it.


Anna-Marie also mentions how she and her family became closer than ever during the lockdown. Their “random chats” eased some of the discomfort of being stuck indoors.


For the love of writing


It has been proven that writing down your thoughts and feelings can help you understand them more clearly, especially if you struggle with stress or anxiety. Thoughts can be regenerated, and writing down negative thoughts helps to clear them from your mind.


“I love writing. I write poetry and short pieces, and I came across funny stories and posts that people have shared on various platforms. These really helped lighten the mood of so many people,” Anna-Marie adds. “For me, that is putting an ethic of care into action.”


Share your story


“Members of the NWU community are welcome to submit poems, stories or perceptions of what Covid-19 means to them and the changes it has brought in their lives,” says Anna-Marie.


“In this way, we get to know one another, acknowledge ourselves and each other, and even share a ridiculous moment or two...”


All contributions can be sent to ampelser@hotmail.com or anna.pelser@nwu.ac.za.


Stories can be submitted in English, Afrikaans or Setswana. Please submit a photograph of yourself along with your piece, and explain what motivated you to write.


“I am aware that everyone is busy, but please send your stories by no later than 21 August 2020. All stories will be published as is – no changes will be made.”


After all, it is said that poetry comes from the highest happiness or the deepest sorrow.

“In talent management we retain our future”


Prof Anna-Marie Pelser,

acting director of GIFT.