Our four-legged friends love lockdown

We call them our best friends, our four-legged children or our cuddly companions. That is why we forgive them when they bark during a Zoom meeting or insist on taking a cat nap on our keyboards when we want to work.

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Yes, they are our beloved pets – those cats and dogs and other members of the animal kingdom that actually think we are all staying at home just to entertain and keep them company.


One such beloved creature is an Irish Wolfhound called Luna, who belongs to Veruschka Pelser-Carstens from the School of Accounting Sciences on the Vanderbijlpark Campus.


Luna loves lockdown

“To say that Luna is happy about the extra attention she is getting during the lockdown period would be an understatement. She absolutely loves it!” says Veruschka.


Luna starts her day by waking her humans up by bringing them a “present”, which ranges from a slipper to a soft toy belonging to their daughter, Alenka. “This is our cue to get up and get ready. At 08:00 sharp she brings her leash and insists on a morning walk, something we happily comply with.


“Apart from her morning walk and cuddles in-between our daily tasks, we also plan our time carefully to ensure that we schedule regular playdates for her with her siblings, Emma and Fleur, who are still with the breeder.”


It is of course perfectly understandable that you have to arrange playdates for you only-child doggy, but when you have 10, they might be just enough to keep each other company.


Dogs by the dozen (almost)


Yes, another Vanderbijlpark colleague, Alma Joubert from Finance and Facilities, and her husband André share their home with no fewer than 10 “loving four-legged children”.


Alma fully agrees that the extra attention during lockdown has them wagging their tails with appreciation. “When André leaves for work at 06:00 in the morning, the dogs who couldn’t find a spot on the bed during the night get their chance to join me for a snooze,” she says.


“When the alarm clock goes off at 07:15 it is time for a cup of freshly brewed decaf coffee – for everyone. Let’s face it: no one can start the day without coffee!”


Alma and the gang then head for her home office. That is everyone except Heidi, the Labrador, who sleeps in until about 10:00.


In the office, everyone has a designated space, with Cheeky on Alma’s lap, Gizmo on the chair next to her and Chopper by her feet under the desk. The rest snuggle up in their baskets.


And what is a Zoom meeting without some excited barking in the background? During these meetings Cheeky sits up straight on Alma’s lap and stares into the camera. “No wonder Prof Lloyd Conley now officially welcomes Cheeky when we have Zoom meetings together!” says Alma.

Veruschka Pelser-Carstens is the proud owner of an Irish Wolfhound.
Luna loves going for a walk with Veruschka's daughter, Alenka.

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Alma Joubert's 10 four-legged children keep her company during lockdown.