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the vice-chancellor

Dear alumnus,


I am a double alumnus of the North-West University. Allow me to explain: I completed my first degree at the former University of Bophuthatswana(UNIBO). Later, after a master’s degree in the USA and one from the University of the North, a PhD was conferred on me by the former Potchefstroom University for Christian Higher Education (PU for CHE).


Considering that the North-West University was formed through a merger of the University of North West (UNW - previously UNIBO) and the PU for CHE, my academic roots are undeniably in the NWU and its predecessors. Likewise, my commitment cannot be elsewhere.

“I, however, am gratified that I am also an alumnus of two other universities. Studying there broadened my experience. Hence my commitment to diversity.”

Likewise my experience of life is continuously being deepened by my involvement in various academic, community and church activities. My various identities are thus formed and transformed daily.


One of these is being an ex-student, an alumnus, of my evolved alma mater, the North-West University. I cherish it highly.


From our feedback we know that thousands of alumni agree with me. They eschew the extreme individualism fuelled by social media and want to belong to something, whether a family, club, faith group or supporters group of a sports team. People pay good money to be seen in the colours of a particular team!


When we share news of the university and its people with you, we hope to strengthen the bond between you and the NWU. We believe we offer you a place to feel at home.


Your connection with the NWU may be primarily with a particular campus, a hostel or faculty. Our experiences differ and therefore also our memories and specific relationships.


Be that as it may, I believe you will feel proud when you read about our council chair, Adv Johan Kruger, Prof Mamokgethi Phakeng (formerly Setati) or Dr Johann de Jager in this issue of the NWU & U.


They represent a minute number of our alumni, but who they are and what they do are significant. We share in their success and humanity. I trust that you will find this edition’s stories about the accomplishments of our alumni and the NWU inspiring.


Kind regards,

Prof Dan Kgwadi




The NWU & U


Please send us your comments, suggestions and any other contributions you would like to make, for instance photographs or news snippets.


We value your opinions and input – after all, the NWU & U belongs to us all.






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