Rising crime levels call for constant vigilance


At the NWU, the safety of our students and staff, whether on or off campus, is a top priority for us. That is why we held a virtual Safety and Community Summit on 10 and 11 June 2021.


The office of the vice-chancellor, the Student Life office and Protection Services organised the summit to increase safety awareness and empower student leaders and house parents to deal with safety issues.


Various stakeholders contributed, such as the South African Police Service’s Crime Investigation Services and Mooirivier Beskerming, a private security company in Potchefstroom.


Protection Services was also involved as it plays a crucial role in monitoring and investigating issues concerning safety or crime on campus.


The organisers of the summit, the Student Life team led by director Dr Corrie Rheeder, say the summit enabled internal and external stakeholders to network and collaborate. It also showed how easily crimes are committed because criminals pass themselves off as ordinary citizens.


Knowing this, residence and house committee members, and the NWU community at large, are less likely to be taken in by opportunists with bad intentions.

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Dr Corrie Rheeder led the Student Life team who helped organise the safety summit.

Students walk around campus and surrounding areas at all hours of the day and night – some walk to and from bars, restaurants and shops, without thinking it may be too dangerous.


Summit looks at ways to


It is important to remember that a safe campus is everyone’s responsibility and in everyone’s interests. Together, we are safer and stronger.

on and off campus

Criminals have been known to present themselves as ordinary, non-threatening citizens, often causing our staff and students to drop their guard and fall victim to various crimes and scams, whether on the street or in cyber space.

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