may comfort homesick international students

Dr Shernice Soobramoney, the director for global engagement at the NWU, has launched a project to create a recipe book featuring recipes from international students’ and postdoctoral fellows’ home countries.



This is especially true about our international students who can’t go home because of borders closed due to the pandemic.


Dr Shernice Soobramoney, director for global engagement at the NWU, decided to launch a recipe book project to make all international students feel welcome and included.


She points out that the Covid-19 pandemic has radically transformed the lives of masses of people around the globe, including students.


Isolated from their loved ones


With borders still closed, the majority of international students may be stuck in the cities or countries where they study.  They may also be experiencing mental health or financial challenges as a result of being away from their loved ones, or their loved ones losing their jobs and not being able to assist them financially.


All these factors may cause the students to feel isolated.


“The NWU boasts students of some 66 different nationalities and we want all of them to feel that they are part of the NWU, no matter how lonely they might feel,” says Shernice. This is why she has initiated the project to create an international students’ recipe book featuring recipes from students’ home countries.


On the menu


Shernice says a maximum of five recipes can be submitted for each of the categories, which include breads, starters, soups, main dishes, beverages, jams, jellies, pickles, desserts and cakes.


She urges all international students and postdoctoral fellows to send their recipes to


“Staff members should please encourage their international students to submit recipes,” she adds. The deadline for submissions is 31 July 2021.


For more detail about submitting recipes, such as what information to include, international students can have a look at the NWU web page  for international students.


“This project will showcase and celebrate our international students at the NWU, and we hope that you will choose to encourage your students to be a part of this exciting experience. Please tell them that all students who submit recipes will receive electronic copies of the book,” Shernice adds.


After all, cooking is all about people, and food can be a universal link that brings everyone together. No matter what culture, people eat together everywhere around the world.


The smell of cinnamon, the taste of creamy pasta and the crunchy skin of crispy baked potatoes can take you back to your grandmother’s kitchen or remind you of cosy moments spent with loved ones.

“This project will showcase and celebrate our international students at the NWU”


- Dr Shernice Soobramoney