As you can see, the Eish! has been on a diet, had a face-lift and boasts a whole new wardrobe. This new look is because you spoke, and we listened.


has a new look

In an internal communication survey that you completed last year, part of your feedback was that we had too many different communication channels and too much repetition of news stories on these channels.


You also wanted to see the whole “spread” of stories on the menu at once, without having to wade through the whole publication to see what whets your appetite.


Let’s look at the make-over.


Tying the knot: an arranged marriage


To decrease the number of communication channels and avoid duplication of stories, the Eish! married another NWU newsletter, NWU at the forefront.


The Eish! has kept her maiden name, but more or less adopted the look and feel of the cover page of NWU at the Forefront, as seen in the email that accompanied this newsletter.


Published more often, but with fewer stories Eish! is now a monthly staff newsletter, popping up in your inbox every first Thursday of the month. Instead of featuring a story list as long as your arm, there are now only a handful of stories per edition.


Tick, tock, goes the clock


Saving you even more time, the (shorter) stories are all listed in the email that you receive. In other words, there is no wading and paging through before choosing what you would like to read.


Snap, crackle and pop


In comparison with time-bound “hard” news, the Eish! stories are now more enduring and somewhat on the softer side. (Think yummy Eish! doughnut versus crackling newspaper peanut brittle.)


But don’t despair: for those of you who prefer a more robust bite, there is a link to our NWU website where you can enjoy “harder” news stories. Another link takes you to where the NWU is featured in the media – a section that was part of the NWU at the forefront.


Well, enjoy the slimmer Eish! and let us know what you think of her make-over.