will make our lives easier


The warning from experts is clear: adapt to the fast pace of technological change or risk extinction! Heeding this warning, the NWU announced its Integrated Workplace Management System project on 30 November 2020.


Simply put, this electronic system will enable staff to send their workplace-related requests to the Facilities department with the click of a few buttons.


For example: would you like to have the light in your office fixed? Click-click and your request sails through cyber space to an electronic service desk where it will be processed for quick service delivery.


By implementing this system, the NWU joins the worldwide race to adopt efficient, cost-effective ways of doing business – after all, institutions of higher learning, including the NWU, are not exempt from adapting to future changes.


Benefits abound


In addition to keeping up with the Fourth Industrial Revolution and making our working lives easier, the system is also in line with the 17 elements of the Department of Higher Education and Training’s Macro-Infrastructure Framework. This is important, as compliance means securing our future funding needs.


What is more, the new system will also help us to keep up the service delivery momentum we gained during 2020.


Despite the devastating Covid-19 pandemic, the institution has successfully continued its teaching, learning and research delivery – and the new system will help us keep it up.


What is this new system about?


The system is aimed at optimising the facilities and infrastructure environments in the facilities, IT, business enterprise development and related departments within the NWU.


The phased-in implementation of the new integrated system will require that we change our processes and ways of working to fit the requirements of the envisaged system.


Don’t fear, help is near


If this all sounds daunting, don’t fret! Trained professionals will be on hand to help you on this exciting Integrated Workplace Management System journey.


When implementing the new system, not everyone will be affected in the same way, so look out for specific guidance on how the system will affect your functional area.


What can we expect?


As a start, the workplace management aspects of the project (including our grounds, buildings, offices and other facilities) will be implemented in three phases, with the first commencing on 1 February 2021.

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  • PHASE 1


    The first phase will address reactive maintenance and service requests, and will culminate in the establishment of a Facilities and Maintenance Department Service Desk to handle all facilities and maintenance requests from staff.

  • PHASE 2


    The second phase of the project will deal with the following aspects:


    • Space management (space information, space allocation, move management and reservation of venues)
    • Allocating students to beds in residences
    • Planned maintenance
    • Asset management, for instance the management of the asset register


  • PHASE 3


    The third and final phase will attend to the more long-term and strategic aspects such as:


    • Capital project management
    • Lease management
    • Occupational health and safety incident management, for instance reporting an injury at work