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What would your answer be if you were asked what made you proudest to be part of the NWU during the past six months?


This is one of the questions that staff members answered in videos made for the NWU’s Organisational Citizenship Behaviour Project. This project supports the second phase of the Culture Change project that People and Culture and Student Life launched in 2019.


Some of the other questions answered in the videos are: “How did the NWU maintain a supporting and inclusive culture during the lockdown period?” and “What do/did you look forward to upon your return?”


Staff members also share some positive lockdown experiences involving the NWU.


Culture@NWU: what our colleagues think

In the video above Elroy Galant from People and Culture tells us why he is proud of the NWU and what he was looking forward to upon his return to campus. Click here to learn more about the Organisational Citizenship Behaviour Project and to find out what our other colleagues have to say.


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