A helping hand


People and Culture understands the importance of mental health and is calling on all employees who are struggling with psychosocial concerns to seek help.


According to Bonita Maboeta, senior wellness specialist, the university has the NWU Wellness programme in place as part of its commitment to promoting employee health and wellbeing. Under this employee assistance programme staff and their immediate families have access to free telephonic financial and legal advice as well as face-to-face counselling for any psychosocial concern.

Senior wellness specialist Bonita Maboeta says that, in the beginning, under lockdown levels five and four, the number of staff members using the employee assistance programme decreased; but under levels three and two they saw a dramatic increase in staff using the programme.


“Most people needed psychosocial counselling services for mental health and interpersonal-relationship concerns,” she says.



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We care about your

The pandemic has affected not only the livelihoods of thousands of South Africans, but also their mental and emotional health.


With all the uncertainty surrounding Covid-19; many are struggling with fear, anxiety, depression, burnout, insomnia and stress.


Mental health influences how a person thinks, feels and behaves, and affects the ability to cope with stress, to overcome challenges, build relationships or recover from life’s setbacks and hardships.