The NWU has intensified its “Become More” campaign by telling authentic stories, such as that of *John, a third-year engineering student, to motivate students, staff and stakeholders to strive to become greater versions of themselves.


Senior brand specialist Musa Zanempi spoke to eish! about the campaign and what it aims to achieve.


Q: How would you describe the campaign?

A: When our students obtain a qualification from the NWU they don’t only get a degree, they also walk away with life experiences that enable them to rise above the rest.


The NWU provides its stakeholders with a space to explore possibilities, expand their world view, evolve from being a student to an alumnus, and to soar to greater heights. It’s for these reasons that we, the branding team, have chosen the “Become More” theme for 2020.


Q: What would you like to achieve with this campaign?

A: The purpose of the campaign is to capture the heart of our audience and promote our brand, values and identity through authentic stories and experiences. Through this campaign, the NWU also aims to inform, connect with and relate to its stakeholders.


Q: On what platforms can the campaign be found?

A: The campaign will be on the NWU website, social media pages, MyNWU App, and various radio stations and digital platforms. We are also hopeful that we will see the campaign on every stakeholder’s digital media platforms.


Q: How can employees incorporate this campaign into their everyday lives?

A: We encourage colleagues to re-share their campaign messages on their own social media platforms because we are all brand ambassadors of the NWU.


* John is a fictitious character.  


Coming from a disadvantaged background, *John was taught that education is the key to success. He knew that studying at one of the best universities in the country, and going the extra mile, would help him to “become more”.

Musa Zanempi is a senior brand specialist at Marketing and Student Recruitment.

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