Admin officer by day,


at heart

When she is not at work, Lesedi is pursuing her music career.


When people describe Lesedi’s singing talent, they use words such as amazing and say she has a beautiful voice.

If music feeds the soul, then Lesedi Makapela, senior administrative officer at the campus in Mahikeng, is ensuring no one goes hungry.


Born in Taung and raised in Sannieshof, Lesedi’s musical gift was first recognised and nurtured by her grandmother. It is a gift she received from both her parents.


Self-taught guitarist


After completing her matric, Lesedi moved to Mahikeng in 2010. There she began the next phase of her musical journey by teaching herself how to play the guitar by watching YouTube videos. Before long she started recording with local artists.


Having gained confidence in her musical talents, Lesedi started performing at local venues, weddings and baby showers all over the North West Province.


The first time she performed for a crowd was on the campus in Mahikeng at a Valentine’s Day picnic back in 2013. Her musical career has since gone from strength to strength.


Asked how she finds a balance between her work as an administrator and her passion for music, Lesedi says: “I love my job but it is not my ultimate dream – currently I am working on an album.”


Fine-tuning for the future


Not content with being a local music sensation, Lesedi has set her sights on the international stage as well.


“The most humbling comment I have ever received was from a man I did not know saying I saved his marriage,” said Lesedi.


Inspired by Freshly Ground, Joan Armatrading, Tracy Chapman and Macy Grey, the NWU has not heard the last of this musical talent.