This video presents some of the facts and figures that make up our value-creation story as portrayed in the 2018 Integrated Report.



Over  the  past  two  years,  we  have  adopted  a  new  strategy  and  organisational structure. These changes have made us a stronger, more united university, committed to superior academic excellence and social justice.


Now that our strategy and organisational structure have been finalised, we use them as a foundation to create value by empowering people to soar – to go higher and further in pursuit of their goals.


In the NWU’s 2018 Integrated Report, we explain how we do this. Approved by Council on 20 June 2019 and submitted to the Department of Higher Education and Training at the end of June, this report tells the value-creation story of the NWU.


In this report you can read how we share our knowledge and hone people’s skills, thereby creating the energy for momentum and the ability to soar into the unexplored and to create the future.



We empower people to soar

This is us


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