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Dr Fortunate Mokoena wants to eliminate malaria

Dr Fortunate Mokoena has a vision. This senior lecturer in biochemistry wants to make the continent she calls home a better, safer place for its citizens. "I believe that the reduction and eventual eradication of malaria on the continent, which requires drug discovery, is essential to Africa's success," she explains.


Research looks at natural solutions for exposure to health-harming toxins

Prof Sithandiwe Mazibuko-Mbeje recently returned from a sabbatical in Ancona, Italy, where she conducted groundbreaking research in toxicology. Over seven months, she delved into a crucial yet often overlooked area of study: the impact of toxins on human health, particularly in the development of diseases like cancer and obesity.


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Researcher uses artificial mussels to monitor water pollution

Water pollution is a significant environmental issue with far-reaching impacts on society. It is not confined to local or regional boundaries and is exacerbated by climate change, leading to human health risks.
Innovation is needed to deal with such unprecedented risks to our water resources.


Colonial texts with a difference provide insight for today

The ongoing influence of colonialism can be seen across the world, as it has had a lasting impact on societies and cultures.
In South Africa, the repercussions of colonialism have been particularly profound, marked by periods of Dutch and British rule.


Africa unites to bring nuclear nutrition expertise to the continent

Micronutrient deficiencies are highly prevalent in Africa and are one of the major factors associated with growth retardation, poor immune function, and child mortality.
A new master's degree programme in Nutrition with Nuclear Techniques will help to address malnutrition in Africa.



Meet our researchers – Prof Monyeki and Dr Scheepers

Researchers across the faculties at the NWU continue to produce exciting work in their fields of expertise. We introduce the work of two researchers.

Prof Andries Monyeki is the director of the research focus area Physical Activity, Sport and Recreation (PhASRec), and Dr Nicholin Scheepers is the programme leader at the Quality in Nursing and Midwifery (NuMIQ) research focus area.


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