Dr Hannlie Hamman from the School of Pharmacy says on completion of the three short courses, pharmacists must register at the South African Pharmacy Council and obtain a permit from the Department of Health.


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Our primary care drug therapy programme is unique

Only one university in the country offers pharmacists a qualification that enables them to be primary care drug therapists – that’s the NWU, of course.

The qualification, Primary Care Drug Therapy (PCDT), enables pharmacists to diagnose primary health conditions and prescribe medication for contraception and conditions such as diarrhoea, acne, insect and spider bites, ear infections and various other conditions.


The PCDT qualification consists of three short courses that are taken over a period of two years.


Pharmacotherapy I is a six-month short course that teaches pharmacists screening, monitoring and examination techniques. Pharmacotherapy II focuses on the various acute and chronic diseases and how to differentiate between them.


The last course, Applied Pharmacotherapy, is a one-year course that integrates what was taught in the other two courses. Applied Pharmacotherapy has a two-day practical workshop on how to conduct patient examinations.


On completion, pharmacists must register at the South African Pharmacy Council and obtain a permit from the Department of Health, according to Dr Hannlie Hamman from the School of Pharmacy.


She says the qualification is offered through distance learning and students can write and submit their exams online using eFundi.


To be eligible for this course, you need a BPharm degree, must have completed your internship and community service and must be registered as a pharmacist.




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