Prof Dan Kgwadi

Message from

the vice-chancellor

Dear alumnus,


The North-West University does not belong to any one person – not the present students, staff or management. The NWU belongs to all of us, including our alumni, ie former students who studied at the North-West University and its predecessors.


Therefore I believe that you, our alumni, took a keen interest in the challenges we faced during the past year.


You shared our concern over the #FeesMustFall protests and its potential effect on the NWU.


You felt our pain when valuable university property was set on fire and a minority sought to create chaos. More so: you shared our concern about the possible loss of the academic year. Most of all, you worried about our students.


As I write this, we are successfully completing our exams and I can conclude with some confidence that we have pulled through. For this we are grateful. Thank you for your moral support.


A word of thanks is also in order to staff and students who refused to be intimidated and kept going in sometimes trying circumstances. We are proud of all these co-owners of the NWU.


Fortunately it was also a year of celebration and progress. In this issue of the NWU & U you can read more about our Alumni Awards to outstanding former students of the NWU. You can also take note of new projects, initiatives and buildings.


For this is what the NWU is all about: progress in all activities that enable and highlight our focus on our core business, namely teaching and learning, research and community engagement.


During the past year, the vast majority of staff and students were doing just that. The scoreboard will reflect this in due course.


We also made significant progress with the restructuring process. In due course we will share more about this project with you. The NWU is moving towards a unitary model which will be of great benefit to us in future.


Meanwhile, “out there” in the world of commerce, sport, culture, media and public service, alumni of the NWU were using their knowledge and experience in serving people.


This we are proud about. For we strive to deliver citizens who make a difference – in South Africa and wherever you happen to live.


Kind regards,

Prof Dan Kgwadi




The NWU & U


Please send us your comments, suggestions and any other contributions you would like to make, for instance photographs or news snippets.


We value your opinions and input – after all, the NWU & U belongs to us all.






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Winners of the NWU's Alumni Awards are from left Karen Meiring (Business Leadership Award), Dr Tanya Robinson (Research Award), Yvonne Mfolo (Community Involvement Award), Dr Theuns Eloff (Lifetime Achievement Award), Judge Frans Kgomo (Public Service Award) and Kobie van Rensburg (Arts and Culture Award). Due to urgent commitments elsewhere, the other two winners, Shanté Bukes (Sport Award) and Prof Llewellyn van Zyl (Young Alumnus Award) were not able to attend the event. Their representatives received the awards on their behalf.