Among the dancers were University Management Committee members Prof Linda du Plessis (deputy vice-chancellor for integrated planning and Vanderbijlpark Campus operations), Prof Daryl Balia (deputy vice-chancellor for information technology and Potchefstroom Campus operations), Dr Mala Singh (executive director for people and culture) and Dr Sibusiso Chalufu (executive director for student life).


Shuffling, shaking, turning and tapping, these colleagues had fun while taking part in the university’s Organisational Citizenship Behaviour Project.


Where the new project fits in


People and Culture, together with Student Life, initiated this latest project in support of the NWU Culture Project that was launched in 2019 to analyse and redefine our institutional culture.


The current project is about how our staff and students understand, experience and live the values of the NWU through their daily activities.


How dancing falls into step with the project


“The project aims to instill hope and optimism in the work environment,” explains Prue Mohoto, People and Culture’s director for talent management and recruitment. “By participating in the ‘Jerusalema’ dance challenge, we set the scene for sharing good – and fun – news stories that unite us.


“As the project also explores how each of us can play a role in shaping our institutional culture, dancing together is a way to celebrate our diverse backgrounds and build an inclusive NWU culture where everyone feels at home.


“We hope that the participating staff will take the event's positive theme forward and carry through the narrative of hope and belonging to the NWU,” Prue says.

Also putting their best feet forward


Two other groups of NWU staff strutted their stuff to the beat of “Jerusalema”.  One group is from Student Academic Lifecycle Administration (SALA) on the Vanderbijlpark Campus, while the other group consists of house parents on the Potchefstroom Campus.


Click on each of the circles below to watch the videos.

After many months of working remotely, the dancers in the video above enjoyed seeing each other face to face and participating in a fun event. By joining the numerous groups throughout the world in the “Jerusalema” dance challenge, the NWU also builds our brand as a socially responsive employer of choice for prospective job seekers.


Project about values keeps them on their toes –

The joy of music, song and dance binds people together. This was plain to see when a group of NWU staff on the Potchefstroom Campus danced to Master KG’s now famous song, “Jerusalema”.