Weathering the storm together

This is us

Prof Dan Kgwadi, vice-chancellor, wishes all staff well during the lockdown period.


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By the time you read this, we will be on the point of entering the second week of lockdown.


We should already have settled into a “working-from-home” routine, with adequate communication channels in place to keep in contact with our colleagues and other stakeholders.


Remember, the main goal is to stay safe and to continue working diligently during this time, in order to keep the NWU ship on course, despite the Covid-19 storm raging around us.


Please use the email address created for all Covid-19 enquiries:


Make sure you stay informed by regularly visiting the NWU’s website and staff intranet for the latest information about Covid-19, the NWU lockdown and important staff protocols.


You might also be interested in articles that our NWU experts have written about this issue.


Do not hesitate to contact your line manager if you experience problems working from home. By standing together – albeit in the virtual sense only – we can weather this storm and continue taking the NWU forward.