How Wellness can help you

When life throws you a curve ball – at work or at home – NWU Wellness is there to help soften the blow with its employee wellness programme.

eish! asked senior health and wellness specialist Bonita Maboeta to tell us more about the professional support available.


Q: Who is the company behind this support programme?

A: Our programme is powered by the company Life Employee Health Solutions (Life EHS).


Q: What kind of help is available?

A: Professional advice and support are available in three main areas:

  • Psycho-social and health matters
  • Finances
  • Legal issues

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Q: What makes this programme special?

A: It is free, totally confidential and when you have a crisis, you can phone the Care Centre day or night, seven days a week, for help in your preferred language. The toll-free number (free if you phone from a landline) is 0800 213 149.


You can also rest assured that all consultants and counsellors are suitably qualified and experienced and, where necessary, appropriately licensed and registered with their statutory councils.


What’s more, the assistance is also available to your dependents.


Q: How do I access the service?

A: You can use any of these methods:

  • In a crisis, you can phone the 24-hour toll-free number (0800 213 149).
  • In other instances, SMS your name (at R1,50 per SMS) to 31581 at any time, and the Care Centre will call you back.
  • You can also send an email to for counselling via email.
  • Another handy online aid is an app that you can download on your cellphone to schedule an appointment. (Go to the Google Play Store or the Apple Store, look for Life EHS and then follow the prompts.)


Q: What happens if a psycho-social matter can’t be solved over the phone?

A: A counsellor will contact you to make an appointment to meet for face-to-face counselling with a therapist in your home town. This is also available to your dependants. For instance, your child can see a therapist in the town or city where he or she lives.


Q: Are you going to tell my boss that I asked for advice or counseling?

A: Definitely not. Using our programme will not put your job security or opportunities for promotion at risk. All our consultants follow a strict code of ethics to protect the identity of every person using the service.


Q: A final word from you?

A: At some stage in our lives, we all have to deal with difficult personal or work-related issues. Before you find yourself in an unmanageable situation, seek professional support. We are there for you.