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at your fingertips

With the fourth industrial revolution upon us, the NWU’s Information Technology (IT) department is going all out to make life easier for students and staff.


IT has extended its Gartner licence to all staff and students, placing a wealth of information at the fingertips of the university community.

Mr Boeta Pretorius, chief director of the NWU’s Information Technology department, says Gartner can help you stay connected to thousands of analysts and more than 60 000 peers who can help you with concerns, decisions and directions.

eish! spoke to IT chief director Boeta Pretorius about Gartner and how it will benefit staff and students.


Q: What is Gartner?

A: Gartner is a leading international research and advisory company.


They focus on research and information about information technology, human resources, legal matters, sales and service, communication and marketing, supply chain and procurement and innovation and strategy.


Their research and articles are targeted towards executives, top, middle and lower management. These managers can use the information to make informed decisions, for instance about sourcing certain services from suppliers.


Q: What sets Gartner apart from its competitors?

A: Gartner does have a number of competitors, but most of them operate on a smaller scale.


With more than 15 000 organisations using this company, it is quite evident that it is the best when it comes to research and information. Their articles and research are absolute quality and have great depth.


Q: What are the benefits of using this tool?

A: Our IT department has been using Gartner for years now to gain insight into the future of technology and information. We also use it for strategic advice, especially when we have to make multimillion rand long-term decisions.


There is a wealth of information on Gartner that will benefit a number of students and staff.


Research and academic staff at the university will be able to plan courses that are relevant and innovative. They will be able to access data and information that can be used to substantiate research evidence.


Students will gain exposure to real-life business case studies, trends and expert opinions and get practical understanding of how organisations have re-engineered their processes to increase revenue, reduce costs and increase market share.


Q: How can students and staff access Gartner?

A: You can access the site here, using your normal NWU password and student or staff number.