make top students

Two staff members, Innocantia Pitso and Lynn Booysen, were among the top students of 2017 in the Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences on the campus in Vanderbijlpark.

Lynn Booysen (centre) says the past three years taught her much about her own strength and ability. With her is Prof Elrie Botha, the deputy director of the School of Industrial Psychology and Human Resource Management (left) and Prof Linda du Plessis, the deputy vice-chancellor for integrated planning and for campus operations in Vanderbijlpark (right).

It was a hat trick for Innocentia Pitso when she received her honours degree in industrial psychology, as she already has two BCom degrees. With her is Prof Elrie Botha, the deputy director of the School of Industrial Psychology and Human Resource Management.

HR practitioner Innocantia Pitso received an honours degree in industrial psychology and senior administrative assistant Lynn Booysen received a BA in industrial psychology.


A hat trick for Innocentia


“Your dreams are valid; don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.” This is the advice that Innocentia Pitso would give to her younger self if she could. This dynamic young woman was acknowledged as one of the top honours students of 2017 at the faculty’s Student Excellence Awards.


On 10 May 2018 Innocentia graduated for the third time when she received her honours degree in industrial psychology.  She already has a BCom in entrepreneurship and business management and a BCom in industrial psychology and labour relations management.


She is particularly proud of being an NWU graduate: “For me it means I am not just certified, I am capacitated, developed and empowered holistically to add value in the world of business and in my own community,” she says.

So how did she do it? Innocentia believes in following her mantra: Discipline plus time management minus procrastination. She is already busy studying towards her master’s degree in human resources management.


Lynn finds her niche


After being retrenched five times from different positions in other organisations, Lynn Booysen’s career path took her to the NWU’s campus in Vanderbijlpark, where she is employed as a senior administrative assistant at the Optentia research focus area. Her dream of tertiary study was finally within reach and the dynamic Vaal Triangle native wasted no time getting on the road to graduation.


“You can do it. You will do it,” were the words of support her mother offered constantly. This support not only carried her through a year filled with challenges and illness, but also saw her through her final exam towards a BA in industrial psychology.


Lynn made a dear friend during her three years of study. Ellen Matsobane is a labour consultant from Vereeniging.  “We studied together, laughed together and cried together, and in the process forged a beautiful friendship,” says Lynn. The campus in Vanderbijlpark has a special place in Lynn’s heart. “There is a culture of acceptance and tolerance on the campus, and an openness towards finding new ways of doing things,” she says.


Lynn has decided to take a study break in 2018 and will pursue an honours degree in 2019. Once armed with that, she hopes to become a psychometrist.