the spice of life

There is a saying that variety is the spice of life, but diversity is not far behind when it comes to making life more interesting. Embracing this “spice of life”, the NWU recently celebrated diversity on three different occasions.


First, on 1 September, NWU staff donned colourful outfits on Casual Day under the banner “Celebrate diversity with persons with disabilities” and then, celebrating 24 September’s Heritage Day, dressed in their traditional attire.


Possibly the biggest example of how diversity and variety spice up life was the campus in Vanderbijlpark’s annual Cultural Festival on 12 October, the 2017 theme of which was “The best of my culture”.

Specific cultures were assigned to residences and participants had to demonstrate that particular culture’s values, traditions and way of life. The day’s programme saw students take part in an array of categories, including theatre productions and drama, poetry, dancing, a cultural fashion show and a cultural cuisine presentation.


The directorate Student Life organised the festival, together with the Arts and Culture portfolio of the Student Campus Committee. Lethiwe Kubheka, organiser of the event, says the purpose of the event is to foster a sense of shared belonging within the campus community and to share information about the different cultures on the campus.