What do support staff say?

“Well done. What a wonderful event. So much to consider and apply.” – Johan Erasmus, section head for quality co-ordination, projects and logistics on the Potchefstroom Campus.


“I enjoyed it so much to see my colleagues. The food was exceptional and Dorianne was amazing. I learned so much.” – Marit Woudstra from Student Councelling on the Potchefstroom Campus.


“It was a wonderful treat. I am already looking forward to next year’s Indaba!” – Ilana Coetzee, psychologist at Ingryp@SCD on the Potchefstroom Campus.

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from Dorianne Weil’s motivational presentation.

How do you end a challenging year?

You host a successful Indaba that uplifts, motivates and encourages staff to stay on top of their game for a new year that promises change, trials and new opportunities.

The Quality Office at the Institutional Office hosted their fourth successful Indaba at the end of 2015, giving support staff from all three campuses and the Institutional Office a boost for 2016.


Altogether 130 staff members attended the Indaba. Johanna Müller, quality manager for support services, says the response from staff was overwhelming. “They all said it was a wonderful event that left them feeling positive and motivated.”


Expert speaker motivates staff

The annual Indaba is known for the quality of its motivational speakers and this year was no different. Renowned clinical and organisational psychologist, Dorianne Weil, alias “Dr D”, was an inspiration to all who attended. Her message was clear: life is tough, but I am tougher.


“Life rarely unfolds in a straight line. It has an uncanny knack of throwing curve balls from time to time that can either paralyse or energise us. How we deal with these sometimes life-changing moments or events determines the quality and nature of our journey moving forward,” says Dorianne.


Her advice to staff is to generate a new set of aspirations and to listen to their inner drum beat. “What you believe yourself to be, you are and that is why it is necessary to expand your dreams. What matters most is how you see yourself.”


Opportunity to take hands

“The Indaba is the one opportunity where support staff members from the different campuses and the Institutional Office can engage in conversation about their professional lives and the factors that have an impact on them,” says Johanna. “Here they can take hands and get to know and encourage each other”.


The purpose of the Indaba is to empower and, judging from the various emails that Johanna has received from staff members, the Indaba, just as in previous years, did just that.


“It is very clear that there is a big need for it. We all face the same challenges and concerns, but also need to share our achievements. We need to remind each other we are not alone, we are part of a big family that is not only there to support the academics of the university, but also each other.”



motivates and inspires

The team from the Quality Office ensured that Indaba 2015 was a great success. They are at the back: Dr Jannie Jacobsz, director of the Quality Office, Antoinette Vermeulen, quality manager for academic programmes, and Jadrique Krüger, part-time assistant. In front are Tommy Pietersen, senior administrative officer, Johanna Müller, quality manager for support services, and Dorianne Weil, motivational speaker.