Paul Boulitreau



Mixed media

73.6 x 103.7 cm

Irma Stern



Charcoal on paper

51 x 38 cm

Christo Coetzee

Don Quixote


Oil on canvas & mixed media

302 x 182 cm



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Exploring our art: Figuratively speaking

We are still continuing our series on NWU artworks and in this edition we would like to tell you about an art exhibition that will form part of the Art Safari Route during the coming Aardklop Arts Festival in Potchefstroom.


In this collaborative exhibition known as “Figuratively Speaking”, the NWU will showcase some of its artworks, together with artworks from the MTN Art Collection, in the main gallery on the Potchefstroom Campus.


In the title of the exhibition, the word “figurative” refers to the figure and also acts as a metaphor for the human body or human subject.


Daniel “Stompie” Selibe

Blue earth

ca. 2008

Mixed media

70 x 98.5 cmWilliam Faulkner