The NWU’s Creativity Centre on the Potchefstroom Campus presents a wide range of courses that not only offer students, but also staff and members of the public the opportunity to broaden their horizons and discover a new world of creativity. Eish! spoke to Francois Pretorius, manager of the centre, about the wonderful courses that are available.


“We live in a world where the exchange of knowledge is constantly taking place. To be lifelong students, we all have to continuously improve our skills and knowledge. This is why the Creativity Centre is a great asset to all NWU staff and alumni.”


Francois says the primary focus of the courses is on skills, making this an ideal opportunity to expand one’s curriculum vitae.


All the courses are registered and presented by experts in their fields. There are skills courses in creative computer software, web page design and an introduction to fashion design and photography, as well as creative courses in painting, drawing and relief printmaking.


Courses are presented after hours on weekdays and on some Saturdays. The drama course is the only course of the Creativity Centre that is presented during the day on Thursdays.

Practical computer skills


Francois says the computer courses, which respectively focus on the Illustrator, Indesign and Photoshop programs, are currently the most popular among staff members.


“The university may subsidise these courses through skills development funds of the various entities on the campuses if staff can motivate that a course is essential for their work at the university. At the moment we have 10 members of staff who are being subsidised.”


Popular courses to choose from


He is especially excited about the newer courses. “Relief printmaking, which includes linocut, woodcut and mono prints, is a brand new course for 2016. Other recently introduced courses that are already very popular include music technology, a short course in philosophy that opens up possibilities for postgraduate studies, and character development for graphic novels.”

The drama course is in great demand. “We can only accommodate 25 students a year for this hugely popular course. The course is presented by the Academy for Drama and Art (ADA). The ADA has produced famous names such as director Henry Mylne and actors Marius Weyers and David Rees.


It is easy to register because all applications can be done via the Creativity Centre’s website.


The logo of the centre is a butterfly inspired by the story of Papillon, the famous escaped prisoner. “It symbolises that we all must break free from our self-imposed prisons and live life to its fullest. Break the boundaries and live a colourful life,” says Francois.


With so many courses to choose from, nothing should stand in your way to enrich your life through the Creativity Centre.




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