Vol 1 2017

NWU's new research newsletter

Here it is! The North-West University is proud to present its first edition of the brand new newsletter, Research@NWU.

The aim of this newsletter is to showcase research projects, researchers and related events.

Here Prof Frikkie van Niekerk, the NWU's deputy vice-chancellor for research, innovation and technology, introduces this exciting new electronic newsletter.


Survivor to thriver: creating a brighter future

The heart-wrenching reality of childhood sexual abuse is a global scourge which two researchers are tackling by assisting survivors to deal with their trauma and thrive.

The worldwide prevalence as measured in 22 countries indicates that 18% to 20% of girls and 8% to 9% of boys have to cope with this trauma at some time during their lives.

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Affordable artificial limbs soon a reality

Losing a limb is a traumatic experience. Making matters worse is that it usually goes with astronomical medical bills.

Although the last thing you would want to worry about is having sufficient funds to afford a prosthetic limb, this is a great concern for most people who have lost a limb.

The NWU's Faculty of Engineering is now trying its hand at manufacturing prosthetic limbs so that they can be sold for a fraction of the usual price.

Their main aim is to assist people for whom a new arm or leg would otherwise remain nothing more than a dream due to a lack of funds.

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Mathematician shares expertise in Malaysia

Mathematician and research professor of the Mafikeng Campus, Prof Jamshid Moori, recently spoke at the fourth conference of the Biannual International Group Theory Conference in Kuala Lumpur.

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Metals in bird eggs a source of concern

The heron that laid the golden egg?
Scientists from the NWU have found several metals and metalloids in bird eggs in the catchment area of the Orange River.
These researchers are of the opinion that it could pose a potential health risk to humans.

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Speech platform to aid Parliament

With 11 official languages in South Africa, finding an effective yet affordable way to transcribe speech to text was never going to be easy.
This is set to change with some innovative thinking from researchers who are creating an open source web-based platform for speech transcription.

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Jonker brothers soar to greater heights

Many pairs of brothers have made their mark in the history of aviation.
The Jonker brothers from Potchefstroom are definitely second to none. They have stirred up the world glider market with their business, Jonker Sailplanes, and recently made another big announcement.

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Rating leap from C1 to B3 for Prof Eno

The National Research Foundation (NRF) has awarded Prof Eno Ebenso, acting vice-rector for research and planning at the Mafikeng Campus of the NWU, a B3 rating for the international recognition he has attained in chemistry.

Eno is one of eight NWU researchers who were recently regraded to a higher rating. He was previously a C1-rated researcher and his new B3 rating confirms his international standing in corrosion inhibition chemistry research.

The NRF awards a B3 rating when all reviewers concur that the scientist enjoys considerable international recognition for the high quality and impact of his or her recent research outputs, with some of them indicating that he or she is a leading international scholar in the field concerned.

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It is time to recognise waste pickers

They are a sight common to many a South African eye. They scavenge land-fills, suburbs, business and industrial districts, yet little is known about the role waste pickers play in the economy.

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Maintaining the balance: SA's most diverse floodplain ecosystem

Thousands of people rely on the floodplain of the Lower Phongolo River in KwaZulu-Natal, as do millions of fish, frogs, birds, insects and other aquatic animals.

But how can they all co-exist sustainably and what is needed to maintain the delicate balance of South Africa's biggest, richest and most diverse floodplain ecosystem?

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