March 2023

NWU produces research with impact

Welcome to the second edition of the North-West University's newsletter, Research@NWU. The aim of the newsletter is to showcase research projects, researchers and related events. This newsletter is one of seven, distributed to academic staff and researchers during the year.


Bridging the digital divide one school at a time

The benefits from widespread and equitable access to information and communications technologies (ICTs) in South Africa are touted as having the potential to change the course and trajectory of this country for the better.


Accountability and training are the keys to financial management

Local municipalities in North West have not achieved clean audit reports due to the mismanagement of financial resources. This is according to a research study conducted by Dr Auchalie Mothupi in his PhD studies at the NWU.


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The Centre for Human Metabolomics is saving lives

The early diagnosis of inherited metabolic diseases not only helps to prevent patients from having a lifetime of suffering, it also saves lives. Metabolic diseases have a variety of life-threatening consequen-ces, such as heart disease and type 2 diabetes.


Leaf blight in maize has complex causes but can be combated

Leaf blight in maize poses a threat to food security but, although it has complex causes, it can be effectively managed. This is one of the findings of a group of researchers who have been investigating this plant disease at the Molelwane farm in Mahikeng.


Study investigates higher education mergers

A recent study conducted by a PhD graduate and staff member of the NWU Business School, Dr Lungile Ntsizwane, looked at integrating administrative systems and processes in mergers within South African higher education institutions.



Meet our researchers

The Faculty of Health Sciences, together with Prof Markus Depfenhart, principal investigator for the SaVac project, is pioneering a novel tuberculosis vaccine designed in South Africa. Prof Depfenhart gives an introduction to the SaVac project, a collaboration between the NWU and the Walter Sisulu University.


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