Message from the


dear colleague,

Afew busy weeks lie ahead. Examinations start shortly and preparations for our 2019 student intake are in full swing.


The last of 54 graduation ceremonies take place this month and in total we will confer about 15 000 degrees and diplomas this year. We are thus continuing to produce qualified graduates who can serve the country in many ways.


Together with our research and community engagement mandates, we are focusing on our core business, which is as it should be. Please keep up the good work!


The challenges with the administration of NSFAS bursaries continue, but I am happy to report that approximately 14 800 NWU students received NSFAS bursaries this year, compared to 10 400 in 2017 and 6 200 in 2016.


NSFAS expects to provide lists of qualifying students by January 2019, which will alleviate the pressure on our staff who are still waiting for information regarding some 2018 first-year students. Thank you to our staff who have been doing a huge job in this regard.


We are also awaiting the completion of the new language policy and plan, which will hopefully serve before Council in November – that is barring any unforeseen delay.


A refinement committee is presently putting finishing touches to the document before it serves at Senate. Thereafter the policy and plan go to Council and upon approval we can start implementing the plan.


Frequently asked questions and answers on the language policy and plan are presently being formulated and will be made available to all interested. The successful implementation of the policy and plan will require the full support of especially our academic staff.


Meanwhile, our day-to-day interaction is guided by our ethos of care and inclusivity. To address challenges in this crucial dimension of our project, engagement sessions with academic staff have been arranged this month.


We need to take care to promote diversity and inclusion when dealing with students and assist in creating an environment where all feel welcome. Our students deserve no less.