A prophet is not without honour, save in his own country, the saying goes. To a certain extent, this is also true about the NWU.


Every day, we come to work and sit  behind our desks or stand in front of groups of students. Often we do this without realising what this place that we call our “working home” achieves.


Let’s look at a few of these accomplishments. For starters, the NWU is one of the top five innovative universities in South Africa.


At the end of last year, we strengthened South Africa’s labour market by adding no fewer than 16 004 graduates to the workforce. Of these, 235 graduated with doctoral degrees and 813 with master’s degrees.


To learn more about the NWU’s successes, watch the video on the right. Then hold your head high. Be proud. You have reason to be: you contributed to these achievements.

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