Talent can sometimes be very strange. It can be like junk food where you can open the package and start eating. At other times it has to bubble away on the fire before you can even lift the lid for a peep.

For DM de Kock, it was the latter.

 to their own tune



The late American dancer, Alvin Ailey, believed that dance came from the people and that it should always be delivered back to the people. When looking at these photographs of DM de Kock, he is definitely giving the joy of dancing back to his audiences.

There in Komatipoort, somewhere between nothing and nowhere, where the Crocodile River swallows the Komati River in the shade of Mozambique, he had no idea that his feet had been born with rhythm.


His footwork speak volumes


No, he only realised this in his first year in the men’s residence Ratau in Potchefstroom when his background in gymnastics took him to the dance floor. Because even if his mouth utters only a few words, DM’s footwork speak volumes.


“I am generally very shy, but on the dance floor I like to express myself. There I can ‘talk’ without talking to people,” says the winner of the 2018 Pukki Talent Festival’s dance category.


In step with his passions


With his perfect black hair and easy-going, approachable personality, DM beams when he talks about his passion. Actually, this future teacher has two passions.


“The loves of my life are teaching and everything that has to do with the theatre, and at the moment I can do both. I want to dedicate my life to inspiring children and living my passion.”


The NWU is his passport to this: “The university has created so many opportunities for me and has had an indescribably big impact on my life.”


Stories that speak to him


He is an avid reader with a preference for youth literature (Suzanne Collins’s saga, The Hunger Games, is his favourite) although he can just as easily park himself somewhere with one of Wilbur Smith’s doorstoppers.


“I also have an unhealthy obsession with television series,” he confesses, and names Game of Thrones and Orange is the New Black as his favourites. He also loves to play computer games with his friends.


Still, whether as coach behind the scenes or in the spotlight himself, being on the dance floor is bliss to him.




Click on the image to watch DM giving a touching dance performance to the tune of Ed Sheeran’s “Supermarket Flowers” at the 2018 Pukki Talent Festival. He won the Deputy Vice-Chancellor’s Trophy in the contemporary performing category and was also the winner in the dance category.