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How would you describe what the NWU means to you, using only one word?


As part of a brand-enhancing campaign, the NWU’s social media team recently produced a short video in which students describe the NWU in one word.


“We wanted to show other people what our students think of the NWU,” says Jimmy Pressly, a social media specialist from Marketing and Student Recruitment.


There was vibrant feedback on the video, which they posted online. “The video had 15 000 views, more than 21 shares and 200 reactions such as ‘like’, ‘love’ and ‘wow’,” says Jimmy.


They also asked students on the different NWU social media platforms to send in words they would use to describe the NWU. Some of the words they received online are prosperity, unity, home, diversity, recreation, innovative and fun.


Click on the video on the left to learn which words our students use to paint a picture of the NWU.


You are also welcome to send us the word that you, as a staff member, think describes the NWU the best. You can send the word to our editorial team at



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