Filling 2017’s blank page

Think back to your school days. It’s the first day of the new school year. Imagine yourself opening a book that you and your mom covered in brown paper and plastic the previous evening. The tip of your pen is resting on the top line, next to the red margin. You have a brand-new page to fill.


Standing on the threshold of 2017, we as NWU staff members also have a new page to fill. In fact, there will be quite a number of new things to experience – new colleagues, new students and new responsibilities.


Awaiting us in 2017 is also the huge challenge to implement the new NWU structure. This process will be rolled out from top to bottom, starting at executive management level with the appointment of deputy vice-chancellors and executive deans.


Closer to home, the Eish! team also boasts a new development. The seasoned journalists who were previously part of the marketing and communication departments on the three campuses are joining our ranks as part of the implementation of the new structure. A big welcome to you, guys!


While the Eish! team will fill the blank pages of this year’s editions of Eish!, you will be writing your own “stories” in 2017. In approximately 300 days from now, you will be able to look back at everything that you have penned, including your wise and sometimes unwise words and actions.


Whatever you write on your blank page this year, do it with determination and courage. That said, don’t take yourself too seriously. Doodle and draw sometimes. Even scribble and squiggle a bit. Write upside down if the moment allows. Have fun. Remember, you only get one chance to fill your 2017 page.


Happy reading.


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