COVID-19 Response Fund


The COVID-19 pandemic continues to disrupt and affect our lives in the most unprecedented and unpredictable ways. The measures that are put in place to contain the virus have a huge impact on how higher education institutions operate especially in terms of teaching and learning. In the context of the lockdown and other necessary measures to ensure the health and safety of staff and students, we opted to continue with teaching and learning through an online mode of delivery. In preparation for the online teaching and learning, we conducted a survey among students to determine their state of readiness. A large number of students have indicated that they do not have the necessary devices or network connection and/or electricity. It is crucial that we continue with academic activities in order to complete the semester and the academic year. Therefore, we have launched the NWU COVID-19 Response Fund whose objectives are:
a) To support the students with laptops/devices; and 
b) To offer support to staff, students and the communities around our campuses with necessary equipment and other needs. 

The outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic has posed unprecedented challenges to our society. It has also fundamentally disrupted the higher-education system in terms of teaching, learning and assessment activities. In order to save the 2020 academic year, the University has spent over R30 000 000 to procure laptops and data packages for our students to enable them to continue with remote learning under Level 3 of the national lockdown. Students who could not continue with their studies due to unfavourable situations at home were reintegrated on our campuses to join the winter school. We would like to thank our staff, alumni and friends of the NWU who also donated to the NWU Covid-19 Response Fund to support our students.

Launch of Phase 2 of NWU COVID-19 Response Fund

The Covid-19 experience has challenged the University’s management to accelerate the implementation of the digital business strategy. As from 2021, all first-year students will be required to have access to a laptop or appropriate device. Having access to a laptop or device will enable the University to implement equitable and quality teaching and learning on campus and remotely. The University’s management is aware that some students will not be able to procure laptops because they come from struggling families. About 34% of our students are cash-paying and most of them fall in the so-called missing middle category. These students are not supported by the NSFAS and their parents’ salaries are not sufficient to afford higher-education tuition fees. Inspired by an ethic of care and to continue producing graduates for the country, the University has launched Phase 2 of the NWU Covid-19 Response Fund.

The aim of the project is to raise R15 000 000 to procure entry-level laptops to help these students to commence with their studies in 2021. The success of these students will help improve the living conditions of their families. We invite you to partner with us as we shape the future of our students.

We kindly request our stakeholders (staff, alumni, partners, donors and all friends of the NWU) to make donations into the NWU COVID-19 Response Fund. Donations will be used to procure laptops for students and/or equipment or any other intervention(s) to support staff, students or communities around the NWU campuses. 

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An 18A Tax certificate will be given to qualifying donors. With your support we believe we can help our students to complete the academic year. For inquiries kindly contact Mrs Celeste Rossouw at