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Message from the Executive Dean

A warm welcome to our fast growing Faculty of Agriculture, Science and Technology (FAST). In FAST, we are committed to serve our communities through training and the development of competent scientists  who will be able to address the ever changing and challenging needs of our country, South Africa, and internationally.

FAST is made up of three schools, namely:

- School of Agricultural Sciences,
- School of Environmental and Health Sciences and
- School of Mathematical and Physical Sciences.

FAST hosts three centres namely:

- Centre for Animal Health Studies (CAHS), 
- Centre for Air and Water Research (CAWR) and
- Centre for Applied Radiation Science and Technology (CARST).

We want to urge you to commit yourself and we will endeavor to provide you with the necessary support to ensure that you achieve your goals within record time. We have staff members who are committed to serve you even on a one to one basis if you make an appointment.