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The Campus Health and Wellness Centre offers a wide variety of health services to North-West University Vaal Triangle Campus (NWU Vaal) students and staff members. All services are accessible, affordable and convenient.

The Campus Health and Wellness Centre is a registered professional medical practice. All the patient's records are therefore confidential. Information regarding a patient will only be released with the written permission from the patient, a court order or in the case of a life threatening illness.

Wellness on campus is encouraged by promoting a healthy lifestyle, sensible eating, responsible sex, HIV and Aids awareness, dental health, early stress management, exercise and participation sports by discouraging the abuse of alcohol, tobacco and other harmful substances.

The Health and Wellness Centre hosts two campus wellness days: first and second semester, each year. During these wellness days health screening (blood pressure measurement, pap smears, cholesterol level checks, blood sugar checks, breast examinations, weight management and prostate checks) are done.

We also do referrals to: 

  • Local Government Clinics
  • Public hospitals and other private facilities                                     
  • Specialist services such as dermatologist, gyneacologist, ortheopedic surgeon, psychiatrist, etc.                                     
  • The campus doctor
  • Optometrist                      
  • Academic Development and Support Services (ADS)
  • Student Counseling and Development (SCD) - Psychologist
  • The Social Worker on Campus