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About Us

The Residences are the heartbeat of student life on the NWU Vanderbijlpark Campus (NWU Vaal). On-campus residences are situated in a proclaimed nature reserve. Each residence is managed by a house parent together with a house committee. All the residences are self-catering; however student can also make use of the cafeteria on campus.

All residences take part in a welcoming week, which makes our first year students part of the res-family.

There are 4 x female residences and 4 x male residences on campus. Thuthuka, Kumba and Horizon (just for postgraduate and master students) Residences accommodates females and males. Jasmyn accommodate ladies and Vergelegen accommodate males.

The Thuthuka and Horizon residences offer: 2 x Single rooms, bathroom and small kitchen per unit.

Thuthuka Residence Room Room Bathroom Kitchen


Jasmyn Ladies Residence & Vergelegen Men's Residence:Single rooms, Communial bathroom, kitchen and tv room.

Jasmyn Residence Communial TV room Room Vergelegen Residence Communial Bathroom Communial Kitchen


Kumba residence offer: 3 x single rooms, 3 x double rooms, bathroom and equiped kitchen and small tv area per unit.

Kumba Residence

TV area

Kitchen area




Off-campus residences are Bohlale Village (Academia), Longfellow Village, Ebukhosini and Faranani. 

Bohlale Village offer: 3 x Double bed units with 2 x bath room & fully equipt kitchen facilities. Undercover parking available.

Bohlale Village Residence


Kitchen area




Longfellow Village and Ebukhosini offer:- 3 x double rooms with bathroom and kitchen area per unit.

Longfellow Residence

Ebukhosini Residence


Braai Facilities

Kitchen area


Faranani offer:- Single rooms for our senior students and double rooms for the 1st year students with communial bathrooms and kitchens.

Faranani Residence Double Room Single Room Computer Lab   Gym

Day residences: Oryx (male students) & Acacia (female students) offer a vibrant student life while staying in the comfort of your own home.

Residence Administration Fees:
All students - prospective and current students need to apply annually at the Residence Administration Office, Bldg 14K Room No G01 & G04.  An administration fee of R700.00 in total (applicable for 1st year students) and R380 (applicable for new senior students) must be paid. 

Prospective student must have been informed by Academic Administration Department that they are accepted and student number (ie 12815691) must be issued.

Closing date for first years: 30 September 2017.

Closing date for senior applications : 12 August 2017

Closing date for Postgraduate and Master students : 30 September 2017.