New Statute of the North-West University published in the Government Gazette

28 March 2017

The new statute of the North-West University (NWU) was published in the Government Gazette on Friday 24 March 2017 and therefore promulgated and brought into effect.

This was the culmination of three years' work which first saw a new strategy and then a new structure adopted by the NWU Council. This formed the basis of the new statute, which has been approved by the Minister of Higher Education and Training, Dr Blade Nzimande. 

The statute prescribes, inter alia, how the NWU is to be governed, who the office bearers are, how employees are to be appointed, remunerated and disciplined, the role of trade unions, student affairs and the conferring of honorary degrees and awards.

The promulgation of the statute enables the newly approved structure to be fully implemented.

See Prof Dan Kgwadi's message on the way forward or read the new NWU Statute

Update: academic activities at the NWU

19 October 2016, 10:30

Throughout yesterday, classes on the Mafikeng Campus continued without any disruptions. Security remains on high alert to curb any possible protests.
Yesterday morning at 10:00 a group of approximately 150 students gathered outside the main entrance to the Vaal Triangle Campus, to hand over a memorandum with grievances to management. This was agreed upon during a meeting with students the day before. The students then changed their demands and insisted on having a meeting with management and not to hand over the memorandum. Management declined this request, after which the students dispersed and promised to return on Thursday, 20 October.
All measures are in place and contingency plans have been stepped up to ensure that the Vaal Triangle Campus can reopen tomorrow for academic activities. As on the Mafikeng Campus, a zero tolerance approach will be followed in order to ensure a safe environment for staff and students.
Academic activities on the Potchefstroom Campus remain uninterrupted.
Yesterday the vice-chancellor sent out a message to all NWU students, stressing the fact that management is working round the clock to keep all our campuses open to complete the academic year successfully. He said this is achieved by acting with no tolerance towards those who are causing disruption on campuses and are intimidating fellow students. This approach will ensure the future of our students.

Update: academic activities at the NWU

18 October 2016, 11:00


Yesterday, disruptive actions on the Vaal Triangle Campus escalated to such an extent that the campus management decided to close the campus for today and tomorrow. Damage to property, intimidation of staff and students, as well as several acts of arson left the management no other option. The safety of staff and students remains a priority.
The campus management remains open to explore avenues of dialogue and therefore a mass meeting (as agreed upon by the campus management and the CSRC during a meeting on 17 October 2016), will take place at 10:00 today at the main gate. The purpose of this meeting is to allow students to hand over a memorandum of grievances.
All tests and assignments scheduled to be written or completed in the interim (18 - 19 October 2016) will be rescheduled. Students are referred to eFundi for lecture notes and other communication from academic staff. Since all activities have been suspended for these two days, the library and computer labs will not be accessible. No academic or support staff members will be on campus, except for student supervisors at the residences, as residences will remain open under strict security measures.
It is expected that the campus will reopen on Thursday, 20 October.
Although various attempts at disrupting academic activities continued on the Mafikeng Campus yesterday, proactive action by the security forces managed to foil these and classes continued. Students reported for classes in large numbers and tests also continued. According to information, students will again today mobilise in an attempt to shut down the campus, but morning classes are still continuing. Police are on high alert and will maintain the zero tolerance approach.
All activities on the Potchefstroom Campus are continuing as normal.